• An experience of a lifetime.

  • “The world is a book and those who don't travel to Cape Town read only a page.” 

    - Says everyone

    Introducing a new and unique travel experience.

    You'll be completely taken care of and treated like a VIP the entire day. 

  • A bespoke one-day-only VIP day in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

    I'll take care of everything!


    Just show up and I'll take you on a never-to-be-forgotten adventure. 

    Your "Adventure Cape Town" day, includes the following:

    Just for YOU experiences

    Custom-tailored and created experiences, just for you (and a friend or someone special) for a day you'll never forget!

    Private Car & Personal Driver

    The car hire, insurance, taxes, fuel, distance surcharges and parking fees will be covered, including our own personal driver for the enture day!

    8-10 hours of hosted adventure

    We start the day around 9 am and end around sunset, which depends on the season, but is typicall around 6/7pm, so you can enjoy your evening as you desire. 

    Entrance Fees

    & Cover Charges

    I'm not going to bother you with having to get cash or local currency. I'll cover all cover charges, all you need to pay for is your food and drink tab, as most restaurants take VISA or Master Card.

    Your Host 

    Jacqueline du Plessis

    Cape Town Expert

    Carefully Curated Custom Tour

    just for you!

  • What


    Has to Offer You

    Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?

    World Renowned Wines

    There's nothing quite like South African wine varieties

    There are literally hundreds of places where you can do wine tastings in Cape Town. If wine's your thing, I'll take you to the best places...

    Unique experiences and activities

    Spectacular Activities

  • Be surprised at every turn

    You don't have to think about, or plan or research anything!

    With Your Host

    Jacqueline du Plessis

    "You'll have more fun than you've had in a LONG time!"

  • Your friends are going to be jealous!

    We'll do something different

    We'll do something adventerous

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    What ADVENTURE CAPE TOWN guests had to say...

    "Absolutely Amazing!"

    Travis Sherry
    Entrepreneur, USA

    "Like nothing else I've ever done."

    David Ngo 
    Entrepreneur, USA


    "You MUST visit Cape Town before you die."

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